The WOOD ELEMENT is where our purpose lies. Our ability to go out, see our purpose and live it.

Balance this element by letting it go and with kindness and forgiveness

Questions to ask to whether you are in or out of balance in the Metal Element:

  • When faced with an obstacle, do you look clearly at all options and gain perspective first?
  • Can I make plans and decisions to support my goals?
  • Do I wake refreshed, ready for the day?
  • Do I have a regular activity that I enjoy?
  • Am I flexible and can I move freely? (not just in a yogic sense)
  • Do I have balanced hormones, mood and energy?
  • Am I adaptable?
  • Do I practice kindness and forgiveness? Is that easy or hard?

The Liver is the yin meridian and the Gallbladder is the yang meridian. There is always a yin and yang paired to create balance.

The liver regulates qi, the vital energy that sustains life, and stores blood, which carries qi around the body and supports the functioning of our organs, limbs and tissues. While you’re awake, the liver supplies blood to the muscles.

The primary function of the gallbladder in TCM is to control the flow of bile. In TCM, bile is considered to have the same function as it does in Western medicine — to help with digestion by breaking down fats.

Rules the smooth flow of Qi…

  • Relaxed, easy-going internal environment
  • Ensures the smooth flow of qi in meridians
  • Free and easy wanderer
  • Regulates and balances the hormones

Manifests in the Nails and Eyes

  • Are your nails strong and healthy?
  • How is your vision?

Rules the Tendons

  • Ligaments and tendons
  • Liver blood soothes/nourishes the tendons


  • Clarity, decision, foresight
  • Purpose, type A, vision
  • Judgement, assertiveness (balanced)
  • Confident, ambitious
  • Powerful, competitive
  • Committed

When this element is in excess we are arrogant, aggressive, impulsive

When this element is deficient we come across as lost, unsure, ambivalent 

Some key poses to stimulate these meridians are: 

Banana asana, lay on a block, seated side bend, side plank, extended side angle, triangle pose, 1/2 moon, shoelace pose, twisted roots.