The metal element is the responsible one. Who we rely on for good planning and honesty

Questions to ask to whether you are in or out of balance in the Metal Element:

  • Do I feel valued?
  • Have I added value to another’s life or the world?
  • Am I able to let go when needed?
  • Am I organised?
  • Do I keep commitments?
  • Do I allow myself to fully grieve and experience sadness?
  • Do I have a strong respiratory and immune function?
  • Am I able to find inspiration all around me?

The Lung is the yin meridian of these two meridians. There is always a yin and yang paired to create balance.

The lungs bring oxygen into the body and remove carbon dioxide. In TCM, this organ is believed to be connected to grief and the following conditions: Emotions: Grief, sadness, and detachment.

The large intestine’s role is to get rid of what we don’t need. Both energetically and in its physical role of descending turbid food and fluid to eliminate.

Governs the Qi in these areas:

  • Respiration
  • Wei qi (immune system)
  • Chest
  • Grasp qi of heavens

Moves and adjusts water channels

  • Circulate and descend fluid throughout the body
  • Send impure fluid to the kidneys
  • Adjust urine, edema and sweat

Rules the exterior of the body

  • Skin, sweat glands, body hair
  • Wei qi (immune system)

The Large Intestine Meridian runs to the sides of the nose, which of course is the door of the lungs and home of the vocal chords. “Balanced Metal people will have a clear and strong voice and good immunity.”


  • Hard/strong precise
  • Rigid
  • Can be remoulded many times over to take any form (like metal)
  • Brilliant, shining, inspiring
  • Grief – experience it, embody it, move through it then let it go
  • Structure, organised, methodical
  • Discernment, analysis
  • Honourable
  • Taking in/letting go – an honourable quality
  • Knows own value/worth

When this element is in excess we are perfectionists, strict, dogmatic and frankly a little OCD

When this element is deficient we come across as sloppy, petty, numb with no structure or routine

Some key poses to stimulate these meridians are:

Cactus / right angle arm stretches, reverse tabletop, arms clasped behind like in humble warrior, bow pose, chest stretch, camel pose, supta baddhakonasana with arms overhead

(supine butterfly).