Welcome to the Fire Element, Home to the Heart and Small Intestine Meridians

This element is the dreamer. It is courageous yet vulnerable and is where our spirit is stored.

Questions to ask to see whether you are in or out of balance:

  • Do I have a way to express myself in a meaningful way?
  • Do I have enough self-discipline to reach the goals I am passionate about?
  • Do I feel warmth, love and enthusiasm in my life?
  • Is my circulation good with warm hands and feet?
  • Do I act from my heart sometimes rather than solely from my rational thoughts?
  • Do I fall asleep and stay asleep without difficulty?
  • Do I practice yoga, meditation or some other practice to connect to the energy of my heart?
  • Am I more active during the day and quiet at night?
  • Do my days include some sort of laughter and play?

The Heart is the yin meridian of these two meridians. There is always a yin and yang paired to create balance.

The heart’s main role is to regulate blood flow and keep our heartbeat and pulse even and regular

Rules the Blood and Blood Vessels

Opens into the Tongue

Choose words carefully and precisely to convey your meaning well

Manifests on the Complexion

Show warmth and engagement through facial expression


Small Intestine – the Yang of this Pair

Extracts vital nutrients from food

Some characteristics of this Element are:

Joy (often laughing a bit too much!)

Communicator, good use of intuition

Passionate, lively and charismatic

Optimistic, enthusiastic, tender, devoted, did I say enthusiastic?!

Can come across as superficial and lacks depth in interactions

A people person who has many friends, a lover who lives in the moment


Can be impatient and have difficulty with boundaries, looking ahead, being alone, circulation, sleep


When these meridians are in excess we come across as excitable, seductive, hypersensitive and anxious

When these meridians are deficient we may be startled, lost, selfish and sensitive


Some key poses to stimulate these meridians are:

Melting heart (anahatasana, wheel pose, poses with arms overhead (gomukhasana arms)

Side note: the heart meridian also houses secondary meridians called triple heater/burner and pericardium. They run in very similar lines to the two primary meridians listed above. The triple heater allows our organs to work together.

Upper burner – Heart, lungs and head “mist”

Middle burner – Spleen and stomach “foam”

Lower burner – Intestines, kidney, bladder “swamp”