Welcome to the Earth Element: Stomach and Spleen Meridians

This element is the mother. The carer. The nurturer. Physically it is where our digestive qualities live. While it is responsible for digestion it also sends nourishment to our other organs.

Questions to ask to see whether you are in or out of balance:

  • What do I need to feel that I have enough and that I am enough?
  • How do I care for myself?
  • How do I learn to identify and satisfy my authentic needs?
  • Is there a balance of giving and receiving?
  • How do I contribute to my community?
  • Do I experience moderation and gratitude in my life?

The Spleen is the yin meridian of these two meridians. There is always a yin and yang paired to create balance.

The spleen’s main role is to send nutrients to other organs.

Governs Blood

It sets the blood on its proper path and contains our blood, keeping it inside the blood vessels

Reflected in the Muscles

Your muscle tone, strength and flesh are all indications of whether these meridians are thriving or not.

Opens into the Mouth

Your lip health (are they dry? Do you get cold saws or flair-ups in this area?) and your taste buds are linked too. So if your taste buds are dull or very sensitive that relates to this meridian. Read more about excess and deficiency below.


Stomach – the Yang of this pair

The Stomach Meridian is the mother. It provides for the other organs and for that it is known as the nurturing organ.

The emotion associated with the Bladder is worry

It is a grounded character. It cares and is supportive always going through life with clear thoughts, intention and attention. It needs nourishment so that it can take care of itself and others

When these meridians are in excess we can come across as overprotective, meddlesome and overbearing

When these meridians are deficient we may be clingy, irresolute or scattered.

Some key poses to stimulate these meridians are:

Lunges, saddle, sphinx, core work, stomach myofascial release, half pigeon, backbends, twists, fish or supported fish.