Jane’s Every Morning Tonic

This is what’s inside my purple cup if you’ve ever wondered in my videos! I make it every morning before teaching live or pre-recording as a boost for my hydration, immunity, metabolism, and to create some internal heat as I tend to run cold.

  • Half a lemon juiced
  • A splash or two (clearly not a metal person, ha!) of apple cider vinegar
  • Superfeast products: Schizandra and Cordyceps for immunity, stress and sleep management, energy, my skin, endurance and stamina amongst many other things
  • Healtheries ‘Tumeric with lemon’ tea bag

Pour boiling water over. I always add a splash of cold so I can drink half before I start teaching. Then I top up with more boiling water after class as sip away while getting the kids organised. And I drink through a stainless steel straw of course to save my teeth from the lemon and turmeric!

You could add honey, ginger, a different type of tea… the options are endless