When I started teaching online a little over a year ago, I had no idea where I was going with it. What I did know was that it was the beginning of something special…


The New Zealand COVID19 Lockdown was the real push for me to start an online teaching platform but it had been in my mind for much longer…

During my 20+ years of teaching, I have had the privilege of connecting with so many students either through dancing or on the mat in my yoga and barre classes. Many have moved away and said to me in passing they wished they could still come to my classes. Since having my kids I don’t teach yoga and barre in the evenings anymore as I have to prioritise that time to dancing and my kids, so yet another barrier for some Nelsonians who work during the day. I often thought after teaching a class to 5-10 people “gosh I wish I could have shared that with more people, it felt really special…” but my weeks were already full with a combination of babies, teaching and home life, I just didn’t have space to work out how to do this…

Forever Grateful for Lockdown

While the Covid pandemic isn’t something that anyone would wish for, I am grateful for the space our 4 week NZ lockdown provided. I was able to start playing around with some Facebook live classes and create a strategy around how I was going to make it work. What started with me teaching 5-6 live classes per week then moved to the weekly emails and 3 pre-recorded classes which held me accountable to create those classes regularly which would eventually become the content for this new Movement Membership.

It was hard but OH SO rewarding

After the first few months of this format, I could see it was a lot of work (14 hour days and often weekends) but I knew it was only for a period of time, and having 80 members there using it was also great motivation and inspiration for me. At the end of this period, I am so proud of all the content that is there for you to push play on when it suits. It also means that I now have a bit more space to add more depth and layers to my online offerings. Watch this space because you’ll be the first to know I promise! So thank you for being here for this new era… what you see now is just the start!


Thanks again, while you might not be joining right now for whatever reason, you know where I am and you are always welcome back! If you’re a social media person I would be so grateful if you could jump on my Facebook or Instagram page and share one of my ‘new website’ posts so we can spread this baby far and wide.

Take care, and LOTS OF LOVE,

Jane xo