6 Additional Remedies for Immunity and General Wellness

Breathe. Your breath has a very powerful impact on your overall health. Countless studies have been done highlighting the importance of deep belly breathing. Move through ujjayi breaths, brahmari, alternate nostril (Nadi shodanam) breaths for several rounds in the mornings and evenings on a regular basis and I promise you will notice a phenomenal difference. Some of these I have included in the detox yoga practices this month. If this is the only thing you do every day from the practice you’ll still be winning!

Water. I know you’ve heard it countless times – “drink more water!”. It really is true. Water helps flush out ingested toxins and hydrate the body which improves the overall functionality of all systems. If you drink anything dehydrating (coffee, black tea, alcohol etc) – drink twice that amount in water afterwards.

Juice. I’m a big fan of juicing. It’s a great way to quickly absorb the nutrient density available to us in raw fruits and vegetables. Some great ingredients for immunity are: ginger, turmeric, lemon, apples, and oranges. Here’s a beautiful juice for you to check out. Or if you’re on the move and living in Nelson, stop into The Kitchen for their wonderful selection of housemade juices, my favourite is clean green!

Neti Pot. After I got over how weird the concept of a neti pot was – I was totally hooked. Neti pots are little pots of warm/hot water with a diluted saline solution that you run through the nasal passageway to thin mucus and clear the junk and allergens that acquire in the body through our noses and throats. These work best to prevent colds or help you flush out the last of the congestion after a cold is almost gone, also great for seasonal allergies. I use mine whenever I feel something weird coming on and usually try to do it at least once a week for maintenance. Important: Be sure to boil the water and leave it to cool as opposed to tap water

Garlic. There are about a million supplements I could recommend, but my favourite is garlic. It sounds gross but there are many pills that are not odorous at all! You can take quite a bit throughout the day (I do 3 pills, 3x day) to aid in reducing the severity of the cold and/or flu boosting the body’s immune response.

Rest. The most helpful thing you can do for yourself to prevent and treat any kind of sickness is allowing your body to rest and not overexert. Though some movement is incredibly helpful, the more you can sleep and generally be still – the better. In many cultures these days, we are constantly moving. Rest feels almost counter-cultural to our bodies and is incredibly nourishing because of that. We are often over-caffeinated and under-rested, so do your best to get 8+ hours of sleep when you can and especially when you are sick!